Diploma in Engineering 

Degree in Engineering

Retail Management
Duration : 3 months        Course Fee : Rs.6,000/-
Course Contents : Retailindustry,Retail Organisation,Economics of Retailing,Grand stategies,International Retailling,Retail planning and
strategy,Retailing research,The retailling environment,consumer buying behaviour,Segmentation, store location, product decisions, buying,
stock management, pricing, advertising, personal selling, sales promotion & public relations, atmosphere and layout, customer service
decisions, general management, financial planning, human resources, property & location development, store management,
IT Retailing, Database Marketing, Supply Chainmanagement.

Customer Care and Marketing Management
Duration : 3 Months       Course Fee : Rs.6,000/-
Course Contents : Marketing Management, Customer Relationship Management,
Leadership, Motivator,Salesmenship,CommunicationSkill.